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Mat Manning gives his verdict on the Lee Enfield Sentry, a PCP that bridges the gap between sporter and tactical styling.

This distinctive multi-shot boasts some impressive features and is affordable too, making it a very appealing passport to recoil-free airgunning for shooters on a tight budget.

Late summer is a prime time for the pigeon shooter. Large flocks of these birds gather to feed on spilt grain left behind after cereal crops are harvested.

Ravenous woodpigeons usually return to dine on seed when farmers sow their autumn drillings in the following weeks, creating a prime opportunity for airgun shooters to make good bags, and so Mat sets up for a morning’s decoying as the woodpigeons gather over a harvested barley field.

Mike Morton’s been attempting the unthinkable – shooting heavyweight slugs through a legal-limit air rifle equipped with a regular barrel in .177 calibre. Slugs are usually associated with high-power FAC-rated air rifles, but Mike made some interesting discoveries when shooting them in a sub-12 foot pound gun.

Mike’s also been slapping his shooting hand round the backstrap of Umarex’s latest blowback BB gun – the Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2.0. A big part of shooting a blowback is the tactile sensation of having the gun jump in your hand as if it’s alive, and the M&P certainly manages to deliver.

Winter is coming – not just for the inhabitants of Westeros, but for the rest of us too, and an ever-prepared Richard Saunders runs through an extensive list of must-have items of kit, so that when the temperature plummets, the pellets can keep on flying.

If you need match-winning performance, target shooter Andy McLachlan reckons you’ll need a rifle that’s been kitted out with match-winning components, so he explains what to look for when you’re aiming for some higher scores.

All this is capped off by our Airgun Answers section in which we tackle your shooting-related queries, this time focusing on how to fit a butt pad to a vintage rifle, whether rangefinding binoculars are worth a look, and the art and science of colour case hardening.

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