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Mat Manning has managed to get his hands on the Daystate Delta Wolf – an electronic supergun that must surely be the most eagerly awaited air rifle of the year. Mat’s really been putting the Delta Wolf through its paces, so make sure to read his review to get the lowdown on this ultra-high tech pellet-pusher.

The ripening of autumn seeds and berries creates a time of plenty for woodland pests and as Mat shows it also creates an excellent opportunity for hunters to cash in on the feast, which in his case means bagging a few grey squirrels and woodpigeons during a walkabout in the woods.

Mike Morton’s been fettling a friend’s Weihrauch HW57 to see whether a spring-powered rifle that’s shooting sweetly to begin with can benefit from a drop-in tuning kit, or whether these are best used to resurrect a rifle that’s not shooting too well in the first place.

He’s also been testing the Gamo Maxxim Elite Swarm Tactical – a magazine-fed multi-shot that’s actually a break-barrel gas-ram. This system was first seen in the original wooden-stocked Maxxim Elite, but the Swarm Tactical has a solid black polymer stock with a fixed butt pad and cheekpiece.

Have you ever been hunting and been forced to come home with an empty game bag after drawing a blank? Philip Siddell explains how hunters can increase their success in the field by observing, understanding and exploiting the predictable behaviour of their quarry.

The advent of dedicated night vision infrared (IR) scopes has added a new dimension to our sport, enabling us to hunt right through the night when many quarry species are at their most active, so Richard Saunders has been staying up late to check out some of the best IR optics that are currently available.

All this is capped off by our Airgun Answers section in which we tackle your shooting-related queries, this time looking at the benefits of taking a seat while shooting, finding out whether a deformed pellet skirt will expand on firing and deciding if you really do need the maximum available power from your legal-limit airgun.

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