Airgun Shooter 146 is out NOW

The latest edition of Airgun Shooter Magazine is now available for purchase or download!

With feral pigeons and corvids threatening to spiral out of control on the farm, Mat Manning heads out with a sub-12 ft-lb air rifle – the perfect tool for controlling feathered pests around agricultural buildings.

Mat’s also got his hands on the Brocock Safari XR. This latest addition to the highly popular sidelever-operated XR line-up incorporates a tactile, textured wooden stock with a full suite of Picatinny scope and accessory mounting rails.

Mike Morton, meanwhile, has been testing the Benjamin Cayden, a hunting rifle that at first glance looks like a traditional sporter, but on closer inspection actually offers quite a bit more, along with a glorious Turkishh walnut stock that’s extremely pleasing to the eye.

Mike’s also been stripping the lacquer off a Weihrauch HW95 stock, restaining it and refinishing it with oil. This is a common enough practice for old stocks that are wearing a few dings and dents, but in this case the stock was in pristine condition. Was he mad? Maybe!

Rich Saunders isn’t fond of guesswork when it comes to range estimation when he’s out hunting, so he’s been testing seven models with a host of very different features to see if they can go the distance.

Rich has been putting his hunting skills to the test by tackling some pesky rats around one of his smaller permisisons, luring them into his line of fire with some very unusual, but appealing bait.

Reigning .22 class world HFT champion Pete Muir takes on a different course of fire after being asked to help out with a local vermin problem, but finds himself having to take on not just the weather, but some extremely wary quarry.

All this is capped off by our Airgun Answers section in which we tackle your shooting-related queries, this time looking at gun cabinets, quarry calls, caring for optics, grab bags and just how far an air rifle can shoot a pellet.

To get your copy, just follow this link:

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