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After a winter layoff from rabbit shooting, Mat Manning makes a return to coney control with an evening on the pony paddocks. Rabbits’ ability to rapidly multiply is the stuff of legend and it’s a reputation that they continue to live up to, but that’s bad news on equestrian holdings where there’s a very real risk of horses and ponies breaking legs in their burrows.

Mat’s been putting in some extended hours as part of his pest control duties, gearing up for a long night on the farm as this year’s influx of rats refuses to let up. He goes home tired, but his efforts pay off.

Over the last few months we’ve witnessed a massive surge in the number of people wanting to take part in our sport, so Mike Morton offers some advice to newcomers who are wanting to purchase their very first air rifle to ensure they walk away with a gun that will serve them well for years to come.

Optics giant Zeiss has tweaked its Conquest V4 scopes to make them airgun-friendly, and Mat reckons that’s great news for anyone seeking out a high-performance scope as they’ll certainly get their money’s worth.

While it’s great to see CO2 guns that are created from the ground up, plenty of shooters love getting their hands on pellet- or BB-firing historical replicas, with the Legends series from Umarex featuring a variety of guns from the Old West to the Cold War. Mike’s been testing the latest addition to the range, the M1A1 Legendary, which is of course instantly recognisable as a copy of the Thompson submachine gun, and it’s a good one too.

Air rifle manufacturers love to tantalise us with increasingly sophisticated products, but that often comes at a price, so Rich Saunders looks at five of the best pre-charged pneumatic airguns that are on sale for less than £500, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy recoil-free airgunning.

And anyone who knows the pain of shooting a rifle that just won’t perform as well as it used to will know what Stuart Bannon’s been going through with his Cometa Fenix 400 Carbine, but he decided to take matters into his own hands and grabbed a tuning kit to fix it.

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