Airgun Shooter 149 is out NOW

In the latest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine, Mike and Mat test out two PCPs from different ends of the budget scale, Rich Saunders goes out hunting and also tests out some springer airguns, and John Hooper explains why new shooters are better off buying on a budget.

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The technological development of airguns and accessories seems to be advancing at a phenomenal pace, but most of us serve our airgun shooting apprenticeship with far humbler gear, and rightly so. With that in mind, we have two multi-shot PCPs to show you this time round from opposite ends of the fiscal scale.

Mat Manning’s been shooting the Daystate Red Wolf Heritage, a limited edition model of the standard Red Wolf which combines world-beating technology with elegance and exclusivity. Mike Morton, meanwhile, has been testing the Stoeger XM1, the US gun maker’s first foray into pre-charged pneumatics which comes as a complete combo package.

Members of the crow family are among the airgun shooter’s most challenging adversaries – but these crafty birds can be outwitted as Mat demonstrates during a testing session using a hide.

Rich Saunders has also been out hunting, this time attempting to recapture his youth by heading out after some bunnies with a break-barrel boinger. Rich has something of a break-barrel theme going in this issue, as he also presents a round-up of four of his favourite rifles, two of them springers and the other two gas-rams.

Short or zero eye relief scopes deliver a different experience to a conventional optic, so Mike’s been finding out exactly what they have to offer, examining two different types, one with a fairly standard lens arrangement and one prismatic.

John Hooper has entered the “promised land” of retirement, and lands himself two rather nice springers as a reward, but he reckons shooters starting out are actually better off buying a bargain basement boinger, so make sure to read his article and find out why.

All this is capped off by our Airgun Answers section, where we’ve been answering your queries about rifle clamps, fast follow-up shots with a single-shot rifle, twin CO2 capsules and gun stock oil.

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One comment on “Airgun Shooter 149 is out NOW
  1. Neil Edwards says:

    The stoeger XM1 like Mike’s review of the rifle : I liked the stock shape plus the touch of blue it looks a sound package for field use regulated also a big plus bipod scope mounts and the magazines look good plus pellet count threaded for moderator also nice the trigger and loading bolt look well made thumbs up to Stogered

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