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Mat Manning tests out the latest FX Impact and goes out on a summer evening in search of rabbits while Mike Morton opens the history books and tests out a brand new PCP in the 150th edition of Airgun Shooter Magazine.

The new FX Impact M3 has been designed to meet rocketing demand for versatile and easily tunable hardware, and Mat Manning’s been putting the Swedish company’s latest supergun through its paces.

Summer evenings are the prime time for targeting troublesome rabbits, and Mat’s been detailing the ambush tactics he uses when setting his sights on this infamous agricultural pest, going belly down with a bipod to help make the bunnies go belly up.

Mike Morton, meanwhile, has been testing the Benjamin Kratos, finding it a great addition to the US firm’s Craftsman Collection of PCPs, offering a mixture of refinement, a big buddy bottle air reservoir and a shrouded barrel for stealthy shooting.

He’s also been hitting the history books. Soldiers carrying the Lee-Enfield had a thorough Small Arms Training regime before the outbreak of the Second World War, and he’s been using a CO2 SMLE to find out if that training regime is still good today and airgun shooters can pick up any tips.

Phil Siddell examines the benchmarks that any aspiring airgun hunters need to meet before heading to the field for the first time, and discusses the need to know exactly when – and more importantly when not – to squeeze the trigger.

Phil Hooper has been putting his restorative skills to the test as he sets out to breathe new life into a vintage Webley Mk1 air pistol. He knew this handgun needed some work when he bought it, but that work turned out to be a bit more than he bargained for!

Rich Saunders has been getting busy with the fizzy, putting four of the best CO2-powered rifles to the test. He reckons CO2 rifles occupy a happy middle ground between PCPs and springers, delivering the same benefits of recoil-free shooting as PCPs but without the hassle of having to keep going to the dive shop to get an air cylinder filled up.

All this is capped off by our Airgun Answers section, where we’ve been answering your questions about ballistic pendulums, ambushing rabbits, fixing a leaky Makarov and where to site a feeder.

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