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Big isn’t always best, as Mat Manning discovers when he gets to grips with the Brocock Ranger XR – a tiny airgun with some massive tricks up its sleeve. The rifle can easily be stowed in a backpack or even under the seat of a truck, but there’s much more to this gun than just its dinky dimensions.

Meanwhile, with blazing hot sun making it too hot to target the open fields, Mat heads to the cool shade of the farm to thin out some troublesome pigeons and corvids. He keeps it simple on this occasion, with no need for any hide-building or bulky artificial decoys.

Mike Morton reckons shooters who like the AR platform will find a lot to love in the shape of the tactically styled Hatsan Factor multi-shot PCP. Black rifles such as this are definite Marmite guns, but for those shooters who appreciate the benefits this style of airgun has to offer, there’s a tactical treasure trove waiting to be unearthed.

He’s also started to help service his gun club’s springer collection, starting with an HW97 underlever. This rifle’s 10 years old and looks to be in pretty good shape, but there’s always room for improvement.

The tuning of pre-charged airguns is a hot topic, especially when it comes to shooting slugs, which can appear to be a bit of a dark art. Plenty of shooters are having a frustrating time, but it’s not that difficult and they will be able to learn a lot from the wisdom of tuning ace and slug supremo Lee Watts, who explains the process in very clear terms.

The humble sling has been with us for what seems like forever, and is an absolute godsend when faced with a long walk. Rich Saunders takes a look at seven of the best ones out there, and finds there’s much more to a sling than might first appear.

Roger Lait gets invited to this year’s Extreme Benchrest contest in Arizona, and with multiple disciplines to shoot, multiple decisions need to be made regarding not just to what rifle, scope and ammo combo to bring, but which events he should be entering.

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