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Freezing winter weather doesn’t have to bring pest control to a halt. Mat Manning reckons cold conditions can actually be an advantage, as long as you take the right approach, which he illustrates in person by wrapping up and heading out to tackle some troublesome grey squirrels.

Mat’s also been dealing with another type of non-native animal that’s been making a nuisance of itself in the British countryside – the American mink. These creatures are extremely partial to wild trout, so Mat decides to set up a riverside ambush.

Newcomers need to learn a raft of techniques when it comes to setting up and shooting their new air rifle, and Mike Morton starts off with some basic gun care tips to help them on the way to shooting success.

Mike’s also been testing the M4A1 Carbine from Lee Enfield (Guns), which apart from being a fun BB plinker offers the would-be AR-15 shooter the chance to get acquainted with this type of rifle before splashing out on an FAC model.

Chris Bentley made a recent return to shooting springers, but he’d forgotten one of the fundamentals, and that’s a problem that needed to be fixed, so he explains how he managed to learn not to flinch and to work on proper follow-through instead.

Over the last couple of issues Richard Saunders has looked at some dedicated infrared and thermal scopes that are used in place of daytime glass. This time round he tests five infrared add-on products that convert a day scope to night time use.

On the target front, long-range benchrest shooter Andy McLachlan explains how something as seemingly insignificant as the colour of the outer ring can make the difference between success and lost points when shooting at distances in excess of 50 yards.

All this is rounded off by our Airgun Answers section, in which we answer your questions about shooting a spring-powered rifle at FAC levels, bluing steel parts at home and the origins of airgun tuning.

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