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Feral pigeons are a constant problem for many farmers. These birds love to nest up in the rafters of large barns, especially with an easy food supply nearby, so Mat Manning sets out on a farmyard foray to deal with flocks of ferals that are posing a health hazard to livestock and workers.

Rats are another pest species that are a definite risk to human health. Faced with a seemingly unstoppable influx of the rodents on one of his permissions, Mat heads out for a nocturnal shoot, and to help tip the balance in his favour he equips his rifle with the Sightmark Wraith 4K Mini night vision optic.

US gun writer Tom Claycomb III offers a reminder that despite the easier access to powder-burning firearms on the other side of the pond, the airgun remains a popular choice for plenty of American hunters too.

Lee Watts has also been out after some quarry, this time taking on some bunnies in a breeze, and he explains how he chooses between using slugs or pellets by accounting for factors like distance and wind.

Whether you hunt, shoot targets or simply enjoy plinking in the garden, accuracy is everything when it comes to airguns, and Mike Morton has been brushing up and sharing the four marksmanship principles which should help us all take better shots.

He’s also been looking at the M1911 A1 from Lee Enfield (Guns). It’s the first handgun in the company’s Brothers In Arms sub-series of iconic weapons of the 20th century, but Mike reckons it won’t be the last!

Mat, meanwhile, has been shooting the GRT Lightning XL SE, and reckons BSA is onto a winner with this reimagining of the classic break-barrel in gas-ram format.

Richard Saunders has been looking at no fewer than four break-barrel springers, each costing less than £200, to see whether they can put a spring in your step without straining your wallet.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section in which we tackle your questions about choosing a gun case, reading up about Webley pistols and troubleshooting a vintage BSA.

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