Airgun Shooter Magazine 133 is out NOW

We’ve got an optics special for you in the latest Airgun Shooter, focusing not just on scopes, but binoculars too.

Telescopic sights offer a bewildering array of features, so Mike Morton goes back to basics to make sense of what’s out there. Roger Lait then explains how to apply this knowledge when you’re trying to find the best telescopic sight for your needs.

Mike also tests the Hawke Airmax Touch, a small scope with a huge field of vision, and Richard Saunders takes a look through five pairs of binoculars, and finds something suitable for every airgun shooter, whatever their budget.

Mat Manning has a hoot using an owl decoy and a bouncer to outwit crows that are wreaking havoc on a farm. His main reason for controlling the corvids is to protect this season’s lambs, but spring’s seed drills will soon be going in and it will be beneficial to thin out the birds before the sowing gets underway.

Mat also experiments shooting slugs through a high-power FX Impact MkII that’s equipped with a dedicated slug liner. Are slugs the next best thing? See what Mat made of his time on the range with this avant garde ammo.

There’s more to FX airguns than tactical styling and bulging buddy bottles – Mat gets his hands on the Dreamline Classic, an elegant sporter with a modern twist.

Mike, meanwhile, has been shooting the Gamo GX-40, a pocket-friendly PCP with a level of accuracy that goes way beyond its modest asking price. Mike’s also been testing the JSB Hades, a special hunting pellet with an expanding head to determine whether this ammo can deliver decent results downrange.

HFT shooter Andy McLachlan has been turning his hand to benchrest lately, and enters a competition that really tests his mettle, being shot with regular kit and at a distance of 55 yards.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about trail cameras, the discipline of Running Target and the best way to offload an unwanted rifle and scope combo.

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