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Walther’s LG400 Field Target is a single-shot PCP that’s intended for FT or HFT use, but as Mike Morton discovers, there’s nothing to stop you from using the gun for other disciplines as well.

It’s extremely versatile and can be set up however you want, and it certainly has enough accuracy to take on anything that’s asked of it.

Mat Manning’s also been testing an exciting piece of shooting kit – the InfiRay Tube. This is a cutting-edge thermal imaging riflescope, but from the outside it looks like a regular day scope, with a standard form factor that means it takes standard scope mounts.

Mat’s also been out after some troublesome squirrels that have been decimating some woodland. He’s been using one of his favourite tactics, peanut feeders, to draw them in so he can make a dent in their numbers in the hope that the remaining mature trees will survive and thrive.

Rich Saunders is invited to help bring a corvid invasion under control at a farmyard permission, but the target-rich environment of crows, jackdaws and rooks proves far trickier than he expected.

Having got in a bit of a flap about his corvid conundrum, Rich manages to keep his cool and run through some clothing options for the airgun hunter who ventures out in the summer heat.

Pete Brookes discusses the rationale for taking an animal’s life with an air rifle, explaining that hunters have no desire solely to kill something, rather they are shooting it for what it does, not what it is.

Whether you booze it up or get to bed early before a competition, Andy McLachlan insists you clear your head if you hope to shoot well, and examines the mental preparation required for target shooting.

All this is capped off by our Airgun Answers section, where we’ve been answering your questions about buying second hand guns, taking inclined shots and some innovative ways to carry pellets to the range or field.

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