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Mat Manning has been cracking down on pigeons and corvids that were targeting leftover grain on a stubble field which is soon to be redrilled. If left to their own devices, the gathering birds would have decimated the next crop before it had time to establish, so Mat used hide and decoy tactics to thin out their numbers.

He’s also been out after some troublesome rabbits, but this time at night. The majority of the rabbit control he carries out tends to be around horse and pony paddocks, but the rabbits have become wary and so Mat had to change tactics and head out after dark with some thermal kit.

Mike Morton, meanwhile, gets called to the bench to explain how a setup like this can be useful for all air rifle shooters, whatever their preferred activity or discipline, as it’s a useful means to scope up and test a rifle, as well as sort out any problems, in a stable and controlled environment.

Mike’s also been testing the latest telescopic sight from MTC – the King Cobra 4-16×50 F2. This is the first of several new scopes that will be joining the King Cobra line-up, and this time it’s a second focal plane optic.

Mat’s nocturnal duties aren’t over just yet as he’s been getting to grips with the Sightmark Wraith – a digital day and night scope that boasts admirable performance and easy operation without a hefty price tag.

If you’re looking for a new rifle and you’ve set yourself a certain budget it can be confusing to know what type of gun to go for. Rich Saunders has been involved in a bit of a powerplant punch-up and has been taking a look at some top-of-the-range springers and entry-level PCPs, to find out which makes the better purchase.

Target shooter Thomas Bristow oversees the transformation of a laminate blank into a custom rifle stock for a friend, and reckons it’s a thing of beauty as well as practicality, being specifically designed to enhance the shooter’s technique and accommodate their anatomy.

And Aidan Chadwick, who’s studying to be a gamekeeper, explains his love of the countryside and the role the air rifle plays in conservation, finding it the perfect tool for numerous shooting scenarios.

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