BASC updates air weapon licensing advice  


BASC has responded to the Scottish government’s long-awaited publication of regulations on air weapon licensing and its announcement on fees – which are £72 for new applications, £20 for a visitor permit and £5 for existing shotgun and firearm certificate holders.

BASC Scotland has updated their FAQs with the updated information and will be advising on the legislation, which comes into force on 1 January next year, at events such as the Royal Highland Show.

BASC Scotland director Colin Shedden said: “While we welcome the nominal fee for existing certificate holders, which BASC was instrumental in securing, we still have grave concerns regarding the implementation of a licensing scheme that will impact thousands of people.

“Hopefully, our updated FAQs will go some way towards addressing the questions from BASC members and the public, who have been waiting for this information an unacceptable amount of time.”

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One comment on “BASC updates air weapon licensing advice  
  1. Damian Loynd says:

    Hi, I was about to apply for an air weapon licence and have seen the licence requirments but one question that is confusing is the question Do you keep your air weapon in a gun cabinet,gun clamp or other. My question back is What is other? What other as it were is acceptable now by law to keep a gun in? Are we taking about a cupboard that is bolted and paddlocked or are they saying that i need to buy a gun cabinet and like the requirements of a fire arm bolt it to a concrete wall. I have had epilepsy since the age of three but shot guns since the age of nine as i live in the country and now own my farm. I joined the Army cadets and then the Territorial army and saw active duty. One of the questions on the new licence asks about epilepsy etc so are they going to allow or disallow people with this problem a air gun licence? Thank you.

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