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N004_BF adapterHere’s a handy little gem for gas-gunners with hardware that uses the larger, 88g CO2 system – Best Fitting’s New AirSource Adapter, price £20. It basically converts the gun to work on a 12g capsule, which is ideal when you only want to shoot a few shots and not waste an entire tank of gas.

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2 comments on “Best new fittings
  1. Trevor Adams says:

    Will this 88Gm to 12Gm adapter fit the Walther lever-action CO2 rifle?

    • Jürgen Becker says:

      Sorry for my bad english knowlege but i like to say you might choose the Umarex adapter for 2 co2 capsules vfrom the Airmagnum 850. The price is aproxomately
      59.90€ up to 69.90€….i think it will be the better choice for you.
      Best Regards from Germany
      Hans Jürgen Becker

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