BREAKING NEWS! CLA Game Fair closes gates for good…

GameFair Secondary logo2014The Country Land and Business Association – the CLA – has announced it will no longer run its annual Game Fair, and has cancelled the 2016 event that was scheduled to be held at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. The statement was made on the organisation’s Twitter page and website, saying: “The decision has been taken by the CLA board after the event failed to generate enough income in each of the last three years.”

Helen Woolley, director general of the CLA, explained that “an increasingly crowded summer calendar of outdoor events has contributed to falling attendance”, which in turn has led to the event being “financially unsustainable.”

The CLA has however declared that it will enter a “period of consultation in which [it] will invite proposals from other organisations on how the Game Fair might be able to continue.”

The full statement can be read on the CLA website.

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3 comments on “BREAKING NEWS! CLA Game Fair closes gates for good…
  1. Dave Cooling says:

    That’s what happens when you keep raising the prices to public and exhibitors. Eventually the bubble bursts. I gave up attending about 6 years ago

  2. Steven Kalozois says:

    Make the entrance fee cheaper, paying to go shopping, not right, far too expensive for a family

  3. Paul Quilliam says:

    I missed this year, but the last 3 years went but had free tickets, I these not been available I would not have attended. The gate price is to high afraid Joe public is skint and they vote with footfall.

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