Bushnell relaunch hunting brands

American optics brand Bushnell has relaunched its hunting offerings with three new lines called the Prime, Nitro and Forge, which it says are designed to provide clarity in any conditions.

Top of the range is the Forge line of rifle scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes, which are all built with the best lens coatings Bushnell has to offer for premium brightness, resolution and colour. As Bushnell puts it, when the light isn’t ideal, your optics need to be.

Forge rifle scopes provide every feature that hunters have asked for, including exposed, locking zero-stop turrets and first- and second-focal plane models, as well as ballistic reticles and adjustable-height magnification change levers.

For more details contact Edgar Brothers (www.edgarbrothers.com) on 016 2561 3177.

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