Club of the month: Bideford Target Shooting Club

The club ( has been going for over 100 years, originally shooting at local drill halls before finding a permanent home at Grenville College’s range in the 1960s.

This consisted of five firing points shared with the school, where members would help out with coaching students. In 2006, the range was closed with no notice and the site sold. The club stayed whilst looking for a new site, but had to cope with no electricity or running water!

Finally, in 2012 a replacement was found, and purchased by the club with members’ donations and a range built with a grant from the National Lottery.  A thriving airgun membership allowed a small barn to be used for a four-lane range and secured income for the club during the build.

The range was completed in 2016 and consists of 20 lanes out to 100 yards with shooting at 20/25 yards, 50 metres and 100 yards. The old barn is still in use for 10M air, plus a further three firing points in the main club building.

The club has just over 70 members and continues to grow. The youngest member shooting air is just eight, and the oldest is 95.  The club gets heavily involved with the local community, with open days to publicise the club and invite local groups to come along and shoot.

They have a number of members who have a disability, but who are competing on equal terms.

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