Club of the month: Reigate Miniature Rifle and Pistol Club

The club started in 1895, so will be celebrating its 125th anniversary next year. 

The range uses tunnels that have been cut out of the stone in Reigate, Surrey, and the sand mined was used to make high-quality glass.

The tunnels stored explosives in WWI, were air raid shelters in WWII, and feature some interesting graffiti from the time.

Three ranges are in use, one at 10 metres for air rifle and pistol, another at 20 yards used for air rifle, rimfire and fullbore, plus one dedicated to prone shooting at 25 metres.

The renovation of the 10m and 25m ranges was completed this year. The club has about 50 members at present, aged eight years and above.

All new probationary members are assessed and instructed in gun safety, followed by regular tuition in their chosen discipline. New members need to come to the club for 18 visits over a period of at least three months before they will be considered for membership.

There are close links to the local Scout groups who visit regularly in the caves to shoot, allowing them to obtain relevant badges as well as help them to understand shooting and gun safety. 

John says that people should be joining a club for “shared experiences, learning a new skill or honing an existing one, and social interactions”.

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