Colour coding cuts confusion

Even the finest air rifles in the world, regardless of who makes them, are only as good as the pellets they’re fed – and it’s vitally important to understand exactly what you’re buying, so Daystate has colour-coded its extensive line of Rangemaster ammunition.

Rangemaster is a comprehensive selection of precision-made airgun ammo that’s the result of Daystate’s partnership with renowned pellet manufacturers in the Czech Republic and Germany.

The Rangemaster line-up includes the Sovereign, Sovereign Hunter, Kaiser, King and Emperor pellets, spanning between them calibres from .177 to .30 (4.5 to 7.62mm) and weights from 8.44 to 50.15 grains (0.547 to 3.240 grams).

Each of the Rangemaster types has been specially matched to suit specific purposes, from short- and long-range hunting to field target and Benchrest competition, with ballistic configurations to cater for rifles that produce sub-12ft-lb (16J) of muzzle energy to those in excess of 100+ft-lb (135+J).

They are now supplied in new, easily-identifiable colour-coded tins of 150 to 500, according to their type and calibre. Full specifications can be found at

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