Cornwall Airgunners Club’s competition shoot

Mark King took first place using a .22 BSA R-10, proving this calibre can be every bit as accurate as .177

Cornwall Airgunners Club has become the latest to take part in our multi-club competition, with members shooting a two-round contest appropriately named The Oggy Shoot to win some goodies.

Named after a slang term for a Cornish pasty, the Oggy was part of the ongoing competition supported by BSA Guns, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and Airgun Shooter.

Sixteen members put their names forward for the competition, with 12 eventually going ahead to shoot the contest, which involved two rounds, each consisting of 30 targets from the club’s 60-target course.

Targets for each round were selected by a random number generator. Only four targets were the same on both rounds. Round 1 was 30 targets shot freestyle on a dry, but very windy day.

Martyn Tidball came second despite some trying conditions – no doubt the work of those pesky Cornish pixies

Round 2 saw competitors taking on another 30 targets. These included four standing, four standing supported, four kneeling and four kneeling supported, with the remainder shot freestyle.

The specified shooting positions had varied ranges and killzones. Targets ranged anywhere from nine yards out to 55 yards, and involved a mixture of killzone sizes between 15mm to 40mm.

Mark King was the overall winner, taking home a BSA black tactical backpack and a year’s subscription to Airgun Shooter. He said he was very pleased to have used his BSA R-10 in .22 calibre to good effect.

Mark told us: “The course was very good, with targets to match every shooter’s skills. I had trouble with some of the free-standing targets – and Ian making me laugh.”

Third place went to Nigel Furneaux, who said he enjoyed shooting the course, which had revealed a few surprises

Second place went to Martyn Tidball, who earned himself a BSA 3-9×40 WR Essential rifle scope and a six-month subscription. He explained: “It was a very good course set by the Cornish pixies in very trying conditions, and I’m surprised we managed the scores we got in the conditions on the day.”

Nigel Furneaux, who was in third place, winning a BSA knockdown target and a six-month subscription, said: “It was a very good course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and competition. Some surprises popped up during the shoot.”

Brendan Purcell came fourth in the contest, which involved taking on a total of 60 targets spread across two rounds

Brendan Purcell, who went home with a BASC multitool after securing fourth place, added: “It was really good fun and a very enjoyable competition.”

Chairman Kevin Collins said afterwards: “The club and myself would like to thank Airgun shooter, BSA and BASC for supporting the competition, and also for donating the prizes.” 

Do you want to get involved? Head online and get your club or range to register. Just go to, start shooting and enjoy yourself! 

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