Daystate launches ‘MK 5’… (but it ain’t called that!)

The new Daystate Pulsar - the 'fifth generation' PCP the staffordshire has developed with a computer-driven, electronic action

The new Daystate Pulsar – the ‘fifth generation’ PCP the staffordshire has developed with a computer-driven, electronic action. It goes on sale at the end of February 2015

After announcing the end of the line for their computer-driven MK4, UK PCP manufacturers Daystate has launched what it’s calling the ‘fifth generation’ of electronic air rifles – to be known as the Pulsar.

Officially announced to the world at 16:30GMT on 20th January during the international SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Daystate’s MD, Tony Belas said: “It redefines airgun design as we know it. Building on a decade of electronic airgun success in hunting and target sports, we know that Daystate’s revolutionary CDT system has a rightful place in sporting airguns. Our new ‘fifth-generation’ Pulsar makes the next giant leap forward.

“Bringing together Daystate’s established CDT and MCT systems, the Pulsar now updates them into the most compact and advanced firing systems ever seen. The Pulsar’s brand new electronic GCU system is housed in a rugged waterproof box for total protection against the elements.

“The Pulsar’s unique ergonomic design offers fast and shooter-friendly handling, enhanced further by an integral laser sight to allow the user to wholly concentrate on the shot. Yet it’s also one of the safest air rifles ever, with an unprecedented array of electronic safety systems – a crossbolt safety catch, bolt-open deactivator and anti-double loading mechanism. Features that combine to make the Daystate PULSAR the new pinnacle of modern airgun engineering.”

In an exclusive look prior to the official launch, Airgun Shooter’s editor, Nigel Allen, was given a few hours range time with the new rifle – and ahead of a more comprehensive test, his first impressions of this computer-driven ‘supergun’ can be seen in the March 2015 issue of the magazine, on sale at UK newsagents from 30th January through 25th February. A digital copy of the magazine can also be downloaded from from 29th January.

The Pulsar can be seen at the British Shooting Show at Stoneleigh over the weekend of 14/15/16 February – and will be arriving in gun shops a couple of weeks later. Initially, the launch model – clad in a high grade walnut stock and known as the OS (Oro Series) – will be available in a limited edition production run of just 200. The SRP of the OS is expected to be £2,000GBP and will be followed shortly thereafter with laminate, standard walnut and synthetic stocked models. It anticipated that their prices will start from around £1,800GBP.

The new GCU - or Gun Control Unit - which builds on the success of the MCT and CDT systems Daystate has hitherto incorporated into its computerised PCPs

The new GCU – or Gun Control Unit – which builds on the success of the MCT and CDT systems Daystate has hitherto incorporated into its computerised PCPs

The sidelever action of the Pulsar operates the 10-shot magazine as well as the user-programmable shooting modes. Read more in the March 2015 issue of Airgun Shooter magazine

The reversible sidelever action of the Pulsar operates the 10-shot magazine as well as the user-programmable shooting modes. Read more in the March 2015 issue of Airgun Shooter magazine

Well-known airgun authority Nigel Allen is the editor of Britain's award-winning shooting magazine, Airgun Shooter (available worldwide). Email:

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29 comments on “Daystate launches ‘MK 5’… (but it ain’t called that!)
  1. Mike says:

    I need one of these!!

  2. Gordon says:

    I think it looks ghastly. Looks like it was cobbled together from a spares box.

    The price is far too high in my opinion. I just can’t see who is going to be buying this thing????

    Not I that’s for sure.
    O looks and price,
    I’d take my old MK4is over The Pulsar all day every day.

  3. nick sewell says:

    Nice but will have to see the real thing as i did not like the c
    until i tried one but i think the price will be a limiting factor
    for all but die hard daystate fans

  4. MN van de Zandschulp says:

    I prefere my Wolverine .303 for sure!

  5. John Haston says:

    Looking at the first photos of the PULASR the stock seems to be in three sections,as the grain pattern is all over the place,as for the cocking lever,well to have a hexagon alan socket head screw bolt on show,and not even matching.You only get one chance to make first impression,think i will stick to the MK4 target,or is that the MK5 now ???

  6. andy says:

    bloody horrible,what were daystate thinking when this came together,they have made some great rifles over the years,and there technology has to be some of the best,but to put into this was a joke,to pricey too,i will stick to my mk4is,good luck with the sales of this rifle daystate

  7. AWL says:

    Not good for daystate way to over priced by £1400 in my eyes there are many other guns for way less than that price that do the same job What the UK gun market needs is a nice and compact Take down something on the lines of the old brocock fox it could have the same lines as the old fox but with the stock or pistol grip housing it’s power plant co2–or air???? it would need to deliver around 30 shots surly this can be done and at a price that’s not stupid

  8. J Ash says:

    Once again, thanks to Daystate for creating a product to be envied by all and attainable by so few. Hatsan all the way for me until Daystate comes down off their high horse.

  9. Dave says:

    Look awful .whoever designed that needs sacking
    Scope riser that sits on barrel shroud???
    No stock to speak of forend off the wolverine c
    Gone over to side lever. Where’s the daystate bolt.

  10. Saleh says:

    Finally Daystate made their first bullpup air rifle , but unfortunately it is too expensive.

  11. Freddie Cisneros says:

    Put a bag over it and you’ve got a great gun.

  12. Christian Davidson says:

    When I saw this rifle, my first thought was ‘yes, this is the Daystate I have been waiting for’! The electronic trigger concept makes the bullpup design really work. I think it looks absolutely superb. Most ‘radical’ designs split opinion ie the Sydney Opera House nearly didn’t get built because everyone said it looked awful when they saw the proposals. As for price – it’s like looking at a top of the range BMW and complaining that’s it costs more than a ford.
    I want one!

    • hooter013 says:

      I had a chance to see and handle this gun at Airguns of Arizona just yesterday. I’ll admit that the pics of this gun do NOT do it justice. It looks much better in person, handles great and feels like it was machined out of one solid piece of steel. Typical Daystate build quality. Wait to see and hold it before you start throwing to many rocks at it. I think they have a winner here and no I don’t work for Daystate or AOA.

  13. Mark Holderness says:

    I think as bullpups go this has to be the best looking of all the mass produced one’s, and as for me i’d buy one right now if i had the cash spare, for those that don’t like bullpups its simple, stick to a traditional rifle nothing wrong with that, when compared to bullpups from FX, EVANIX, EDGUN, and the rest the pulsar is by far the best looking imo, lets hope it shoots as good as it looks, yes it is pricey but im sure the r&d and sophisticated internals justify this.

  14. Howard says:

    Looks like daystate like the USA more than there home grown boys and girls with the pulsar and the price it’s an air gun at 1800 to 2000 I hope they don’t sell any ! They have one of the best stock on the planet mk4 so pay attention Daystate put the new tec into the best stock a dedicated left and right handed .

  15. Malcolm Rogers says:

    Took the opportunity to shoulder the Pulsar at the British Shooting show 13th Feb. Seemed to be rear heavy because of the electronics.
    Bullpup rifles asumed to be hunting weapon. It avoids all convention styles and now doubt attract critics. Price £1800-2000
    will upset UK customers but they are paying for he latest technology.
    I feel Daystate are taking a gamble in stopping production of the MK4 ,Mk4i this air gun attracted a loyal following and reputation.
    Onwards and Upwards lets see how the market reacts, should do well in USA which is a vast market compared with Europe.

  16. rod b says:

    Think I will stick to my airwolf

  17. Chrisyboy says:

    That price is why I love my Airforce gun. I could buy an Airforce for me and one for my three friends for the price of the Daystate Bullpup! Sure it’s a very nice gun but the bullpups generally look to be a gun in a state of rapid transition to me. Meaning you pay £2K for something state of the art now that is going to look dated by 2020.

  18. John Rodgers says:

    Absolutely Beautiful. The short length makes it so easy to carry in the woods. If the energy and accuracy are there then I will buy one. Please do a complete review with ballistics. Would like to see it in .25 also

    • The Editor says:

      There will be a highly-detailed test report in due course. We just need plenty of time with this rifle before we feel comfortable enough to put our findings into print. It’s such a new rifle, we want to make sure we give our readers a comprehensive review.

  19. david says:

    I think it’s great and very practical, especially in synthetic stock. Hoping to buy one very soon

  20. Evo says:

    not my cup of tea,,as the owner of six daystates this is purely aimed for the non uk market,ie the yanks,,gutted really as I was expecting daystate to build an electronic wolverine first, the price has gone through the roof but it just looks like a jazzed up pistol, I certainly wont be buying on that’s for sure and they have been out over a week and as yet not a single review has popped up and even on the DOC forum

  21. John k. says:

    I just picked up one of these from the nice folk @ Blackpool Air Rifles, I actually went to the shop to try out a Ultra SE & Bushnell 3-12 LRHS but when I saw the Pulsar sitting on it’s perch in the shop I had to pick it up. Then I shouldered it and fell in love, thats the problem with the gun, it looks strange, it looks like something very different, so you pick it up but when you shoulder it and look into any scope mounted to it, it takes you.

    The weight feels heavy but when you have it nested in your shoulder, it becomes part of you, the feel of the stock, the balance of the gun, the line of fire all feels like an extension of you. I saw the price tag, I thought wow 2k, let me try the Ultra SE, I mean thats why I went there. I tried the Ultra SE, it didn’t feel like is was part of me, I could not hold it like the Pulsar, something about the pulsar felt better…

    If your in the market for a new gun, all I can say is, don’t walk into a air rifle shop that stocks the Pulsar with a credit card. You’ll be struggling to walk away… it is that good.

    On a different not I tried the new FX Wildcat, another strange looking gun, but it feels so good when you shoulder it. @ 900 notes, it’s a good alternative to the Pulsar.

    Happy hunting.

  22. Andrew Bullock says:

    Hilarious comments. If you can’t afford it, don’t hate it because you can’t afford it peasants.

  23. Alistair Powers says:

    This really is a superb rifle, as soon as you pick it up you know it is the very best.

    For those that are not convinced, please go and try it.

    Keep Safe

  24. John says:

    I totally agree if you can’t afford one stick with your cheaper day states and don’t slag our pulsars off just because your gun is cheap and nasty xxx

  25. Capt. Terry. L. Travis says:

    Just gone from air ranger to pulsar, both FAC.for general hunting and vermin control the pulsar is so convenient in bush and woodland compared to the ranger or any standard rifle. Very convenient also for carriage especially on quads and CUV. Air ranger was the most accurate and powerful air rifle giving superb cost effective vermin control on my shoot.with this kit in FAC the crows still haven,t worked out how far away is safe to perch. I am retired 10 years but commend progress and ease of operation.the balance of the pulsar takes away a lot of the strain. Oh I will report any downside if and when. Regards

  26. Colin says:

    I love the pulsar every shot is so accurate don’t miss nothing poor rats they didn’t see this coming

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