First Impressions: Dust Devil BBs go up in smoke!

Fancy a BB that won’t bounce or ricochet off your target? Look no further than the Dust Devil from Air Venturi

Using a special alloy blend, these lead-free, ricochet-free rounds just leave behind a wisp of powder

Dust Devil BBs from US firm Air Venturi shatter just like frangible bullets upon impact with hard surfaces, minimising the risk of ricochets, which can be a problem with conventional steel BBs. These new 4.5mm BBs are made entirely of lead-free material. These characteristics work together to make them much safer for indoor shooting. The frangible BBs are made of a special sintered alloy and weigh 0.29 grams, which is less than the 0.36 grams of common steel BBs. Dust Devil BBs are about 10% faster due to this slightly lower weight.

Our continental readers will be pleased to learn that the Ohio-based manufacturer of these revolutionary BBs has given German firm H&N Sport the general agency for Europe – excluding the UK. We’ll keep you updated about when they become available here. Dust Devil BBs are offered by H&N Sport in two packages: 1,500 BBs in a cardboard box with a filling aid, and 750 BBs in the time-proven screw-on tin.

We picked up a sample tin from the recent IWA trade show in Nuremberg and put them to the test. Yes, they really do disappear in a puff of dust on impact!

This article originally appeared in the issue 110 of Airgun Shooter magazine. For more great content like this, subscribe today at our secure online store:

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