First Impressions: Riley Edge Spotlight shooting glasses

The comprehensive Riley Edge Spotlight set includes five pairs of glasses with different tints, plus a prescription lens insert

We take eye safety very seriously here at Airgun Shooter, and eye protection is an absolute must for shooting particular disciplines at certain distances.

But shooting glasses don’t just protect your eyes from errant ricochets, they can actually enhance your vision in specific lighting conditions – and that’s where Riley Edge Spotlight shooting glasses come into play.

These glasses are supplied as a set rather than a single pair, the idea being to select the appropriate lens for the weather and lighting conditions you find yourself shooting in to enhance your clarity of vision.

In addition the impact-resistant polycarbonate glasses are anti-scratch, anti-fog and moisture-repellent on both sides of the lens, and also provide UV 400 protection.

The set also comes with a prescription insert and Riley can provide you with your own prescription lenses.

Rather surprisingly, the set comes with four AAA alkaline batteries –  we’re guessing these are needed for another Riley product, but they’re a welcome addition in any case! Riley Edge Spotlight glasses cost £199.95.

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