First impressions: Ultra toasty anorak

When you’re struggling to fight a cold war, Mike Morton reckons you should enlist the help of the Pentagon UTA Anorak

Key features

•Integrated adjustable hood with fleece lining
•High collar with a chin guard
•Front quarter-zip with internal storm flap
•Large front kangaroo pocket with Velcro flap and zipper
•Interlinked hand pockets with zip closing
•Arm zip pockets with hook loop panels
•Side zip openings on each side
•Velcro adjustable cuffs
•Hanging loop
•Glove-friendly pull tabs

Venture outdoors at this time of year and – surprise, surprise – you’ll need to wrap up warm against the cold.

If you’re going shooting that can mean a delicate balancing act between a jacket that provides enough warmth and a coat that’s too bulky.

Luckily, jackets like the UTA Anorak from Pentagon are a good balance between the two.

UTA stands for Urban Tactical Anorak, but don’t let this acronym fool you. While it might sound like something a private military contractor would pick up with their latest pay cheque from the CIA, the UTA is comfortable, warm and well made. It’s actually more of a smock, being pulled over the head and featuring a front zip at the neck.

Pulling on the UTA has been made easy thanks to its two zip-up sides. It’s much simpler to don the anorak with the zips either fully or partially unzipped, avoiding the need to wriggle into it, especially if you’re wearing a few layers underneath that could otherwise get snarled up on a regular anorak.

The zips also feature a protective fastener at the bottom to stop them from coming undone when you don’t want them to.

There are a couple of upper shoulder pockets, either of which can easily swallow your mobile, as well as large chest pouch, which Pentagon refers to as a kangaroo pocket. There’s even more room in the interlinked hand pockets further down.

There’s no partition between them, so you can join hands should you want to. This feature could prove useful when manipulating a small item like a torch or pellet pouch without having to expose it to the elements.

Keeping your head warm is essential if you’re going to be outdoors for extended periods, and the UTA has an integral fleece-lined hood. The hood features an external strap which can be adjusted so the hood stays in place when it’s in use rather than riding back down again as you move around or if it gets caught in a breeze.

While warm, the material the UTA is made from is a little noisy for the hunter, but the anorak is well worthy of consideration in any non-stealthy environment where noise isn’t so much of a concern, yet you still need protection from the elements.

If the Woodland camo pattern doesn’t float your boat then there are several other patterns you can choose including plain black, so you can blend in nicely outdoors, at the range and even down the pub after you’ve finished shooting for the day.

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