In the crosshairs: Tim Jeffery

The gold medal-winning rifle shooter tells us about his training regime and his preparations for the Tokyo Paralympics next year

How did you get involved in shooting?

I got into rifle shooting through the scout association when I was 11. I mainly shot rifle and just did small bits of pistol on the side for fun.

How much time will you spend practising?

I spend approximately three to four hours training per day, and train five days a week on a normal training week. I also try to do three to four gym sessions on top of that.

Which of your shooting achievements are you most proud of?

Either my first individual world cup gold or my most recent gold – each were special to me for different reasons, the first because it was the first time I had won gold, the most recent because I also won a direct quota place for Tokyo 2020 with it. 

Do you tend to stick with a particular gun or do you change frequently?

I tend to stick with the same gun for a while. I shot my FWB 800 for six years, and have recently moved over to an LG 400e for my new air rifle. I look for a smooth, crisp trigger, consistency in the feel, excellent accuracy and a nice balance.

Are you preparing for any more competitions right now?

I’m about to fly out to Sydney for the WSPS World Championships. The next major goal is Tokyo next year and making sure I’m in the best possible state to bring home some medals.

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