Is this the perfect squirrel feeder?

When it comes to controlling grey squirrels, there’s no better tactic than setting up a peanut feeder.

So why not save time by buying a feeder from Squirrel Management UK?

Set up by Ian Hampton, one of the rangers at the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project, SMUK feeders have been designed with Ian’s hours of experience.

Available in two sizes – 4.5kg and 9kg – the feeders are designed to resist squirrels’ antics thanks to armoured mesh and a metal feed tray.

The deep feed tray reduces the bait thrown onto the floor, and the platform ensures the shooter has a perfect, side-on profile each time. 

The 3mm back plate is aluminium to reduce the potential for ricochets, increased to 6mm to handle FAC-rated rifles. A double-camber ramp inside the feeder ensures the bait is channelled towards the hole.

The feeders cost £25 and £30 respectively for the two sizes, with FAC models costing another £5, available from A donation from each sale will go to the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project.

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