Latest issue out now! Rabbiting masterclass, Daystate Red Wolf test, why you should shoot .25, your problems solved

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If you’ve been shooting rabbits and they’ve become super-skittish, Mat Manning offers some tips on how to set up a bipod ambush to pick them off at longer ranges. The ruse is working and Mat is back on track, keeping pest numbers down while harvesting some fine free-range meat for the table.

For many airgun shooters, the garden range represents the entry point for the hobby, whether they go on to become hunters, join a formal indoor target club, or take part in outdoor competition such as HFT or FT.  So Mike Morton shows you how to set up a garden range where you can plink to your heart’s content, fine-tune your shooting skills and have a ton of fun into the bargain.

Daystate’s innovative Red Wolf boasts blistering performance and looks to match. Mat reports back on his long-term test of the British gunmaker’s latest electronic offering. Mike, meanwhile, has been taking a look at a new first focal plane Sidewinder scope from Hawke. Targets tend to be paper for precision or reactive for fun, but Mike’s also been sending some lead downrange at an innovative target that can do both.

Target shooter Andy McLachlan has been explaining why shooters sometimes turn in a poor performance – and how they can overcome it. He also takes a crack at the very challenging HFT Extreme course, which adds additional distance and smaller killzones to ramp up the pressure.

If you think .25 is only good for shooting rats at close range, Jonathan Young will put you right as he explains the virtues and vices of this heavy-hitting calibre.

In an effort to reduce human error to a minimum, shooters are increasingly turning to bench rests, and Richard Saunders has been testing four very different designs, from the simple to the super-elaborate.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about clearing a blocked barrel, the spread of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and shooting old pellets.

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