Master the trigger with the new issue of Airgun Shooter

This month’s Airgun Shooter is a trigger mastering special. Plus, we’re delving deep into field craft and there’s a Diana Mauser AM03 N-Tech (worth £324) up for grabs

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Crop protection makes up a significant part of Mat Manning’s pest control duties, and this time he’s out after woodpigeons that have homed in on an emerging crop. Mat is using decoys to create an artificial flock to convince incoming birds that it’s safe to land within range of his hide – and his rifle.

Mat also knows how unnatural odours can blow your cover long before you catch sight of their quarry, so he’s been offering some tips to keep your shooting gear free from telltale smells.

The trigger is one of the most important components of an accurate rifle, and Mike Morton takes a look at ways to set up your trigger as well as shooting techniques to get the very best out of it. He also includes a step-by-step guide to removing a standard trigger blade and fitting a replacement.

Target shooter Andy McLachlan has offered one of the best bits of advice any shooter could be given – swallow your pride and seek help from those in the know – especially when it comes to reading the wind.

Andy’s also been taking a look at the Diana 470 TH, an underlever springer, and has been speaking to Pete Sparkes, the man who first initiated the sport of Hunter Field Target into its current format.

We’ve also been reviewing two very different rifles. Mike’s had his hands on the Hatsan Galatian IV – a scope-ready PCP that comes with open sights, while Mat’s been trying out the Remington Express, an open sights-ready break-barrel that comes with a scope.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related problems by offering some pointers on how to boresight an airgun with a laser; we also run through some of the medical questions you’ll have to ponder if you want to apply for a Firearm Certificate.

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