Monkeys go ape for triple shoot

Competitors taking part in the Northern Monkey HFT shoot faced three different airgun challenges for three times the fun.

More than 30 shooters have taken part in Northern Monkey HFT’s second-year anniversary shoot, supported by BSA Guns, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and Airgun Shooter.

Northern Monkey HFT, a volunteer group of enthusiasts, has been running monthly HFT events close to Hartlepool in the North East of England for two years.

It’s a popular endeavour, and a great effort considering the routine of setting out the courses, shooting them and bringing the whole set-up and equipment in again all in the space of a single day.

The sponsored shoot drew competitors from all around the NEFTA region. The prizes – a BSA backpack, scope and knockdown target, plus a BASC multitool and three subscriptions to Airgun Shooter – were to be awarded for an HFT competition and especially devised side competitions to allow shooters of different talents and specialities to be in with a chance.

A simple handicap scoring system was adopted for all participants to compete equally: +2 points for Recoiling and .22, and +3 points for Juniors. 

After the HFT, there was a ‘Hide and Seek’ discipline, consisting of a one-minute time restriction in which to turn a blind corner and approach a designated peg, find three somewhat camouflaged targets and knock them down before the time was up! 

Lastly, a long-range target points competition would decide the final competitive prize, which was followed by a bonus draw for the completion of all four sponsor prize awards.

After a still, mist-laden gathering and safety briefing, it turned into a fine bright day, with a gentle breeze that could fool anyone into thinking it wasn’t there.

However, it was strong enough to be punishing on the course if you foolishly ignored it! The firing line had been carefully routed to encroach into a more open area of the woodland, where the wind comes in from the coast.

A fair few elevated shots only made the wind factor more crucial. Other parts of the course made good use of dense foliage, uprooted trees and the ever-growing collection of NMHFT’s custom targets, such as the falling upwards Hanging Monkey and the shamrock and pint o’ Guinness which first appeared on Saint Patrick’s Day. 

The Hide and Seek was a great success, with many a competitor finding themselves completely unable to locate the matt green rat and black crow targets, and running out of time in frustration.

After the long-range competition, the excitement went on. A three-way shoot-off for the HFT 1st place – the handicap system playing a big part in the tie – kept the competition going. 

Event organiser Dave Dresser was only too pleased to be awarding the prizes at the end of a long day and weeks of preparation.

After the equipment was stored away, it was like no-one had been around. But no-one had had so much fun packed into a few short hours – at least until the next time! 


HFT – Liam Todd
Hide and Seek – Andy Corbett
Long Distance – Gordon Burns
Bonus Bunny Draw – Peter Miller

For more details about Northern Monkey HFT contact Dave Dresser on 016 4264 1937 or email 

Do you want to get involved? Head online and get your club or range to register.

Just go to, start shooting and enjoy yourself! 

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