Museum secures super-rare airgun

T101he airgun carried by Captain Meriwether Lewis and Second Lieutenant William Clark on the perilous Corps of Discovery Expedition across the US in 1804 is now on display in America’s National Firearms Museum in Virginia.

Fewer than 25 Girandoni airguns are thought to exist; this .462 calibre repeating air rifle – similar to the model featured in Antique Locker (April 2014 issue) – is being loaned to the museum by Michael Carrick. It needs about 1,500 pumps to fill its reservoir to 800psi ready for 70 shots, and a metal tube on the side of the barrel holds up to 22 lead balls that are plunger-fed into the chamber.


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One comment on “Museum secures super-rare airgun
  1. Fredrick G Ramsden says:

    Lewis and Clark Tech documentary said the native Americans were most impressed by the air gun. Little noise.

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