New York Regional FT Championships

On 11 and 12 July, Crosman Corporation hosted the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship at its world campus in Bloomfield, New York. A record turnout of 100 participants across seven shooting disciplines posted impressive scores on the challenging course.

“What began five years ago as the Northeast Regional Championship has evolved into the largest field target pro-am event in the country,” said Mark DeBoard, Shooting Services Manager for Crosman. “Professional and casual field target competitors from fourteen states and Canada, plus youth shooters and families, help make this a fun weekend for everyone.”

The two-day rifle event required competitors to shoot 60 targets each day. Targets were placed at ranges between 15 and 50 yards.

The first day wrapped up with the Quigley Bucket Challenge: a re-creation of the dramatic scene in the film Quigley Down Under starring Tom Selleck, in which Selleck’s character must shoot a bucket at an estimated 700 yards. Scaled for airguns, this equated to a 1.75″ target placed at 55 yards. Shooters had to use a 6.5 ft/lb rifle with only open / iron / non-magnified sights, with five chances to hit the target.


Fred Eichler, Benjamin Prostaffer and host of Predator Nation knocked down the target a remarkable three out of five shots to win. Among the other 24 shooters, only Greg Sauve and Levi Rogers scored a hit.

The World Field Target Federation (WFTF) PCP class saw Greg Sauve win the competition with 104. Sauve previously won the NRFTC WFTF PCP title in 2011 and 2012. Tom Holland came in second place, just three shots behind Greg Sauve.

In the WFTF Piston class, LaRocca won with a score of 84. Ray Apelles came second with 82.

The Hunter PCP class featured a record 44 shooters with over half shooting 50% or better.


Winner John Tyler stayed consistent by posting a 46 each day for a 92 total. Kevin Kunkle and Greg Shirhall finished tied at 89 and Kunkle took second by winning a gentleman’s coin toss.

Scott Hull walked away with the Hunter Piston title by 29 shots, with a total score of 88. James Wilcox placed second with 59.

Matthew Sawyer won the Open PCP class. Eden made up eight shots to move ahead of Tenney into second place by a single shot.

Paul Bishop was the winner of the Open Piston class, with a total score of 77.

For the pistol competition, shooters competed in three classes: Hunter, Open and Hands-Supported. Participants shot at 30 targets on Crosman’s Hilltop course.

Craig Evans won the Hunter Division by one shot with a total score of 26, while Thomas Wade won a tight race in the Hands-Supported Division. Jerry LaRocca successfully defended his Open Division title.

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