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BASC is highlighting a pest control scheme in Northern Ireland, which puts farmers in contact with shooters to reduce damage caused by pests. The scheme, which is supported by the Ulster Farmer’s Union (UFU), provides a free pest control service while helping farmers to get in touch with reliable shooters. Since the scheme started in August 2011, BASC members have dealt with a range of pest problems across the province from feral pigeons in sheds to foxes taking poultry and newborn lambs.

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BASC Northern Ireland director Tommy Mayne explained the benefits of the scheme at a recent meeting. “BASC members get access to new areas for shooting opportunities and farmers get much needed help with pests that are damaging crops, taking livestock and spreading disease,” he said.

“Farmers will also have peace of mind from knowing that BASC members are covered by the BASC insurance policy which covers both the shooter and the farmer.”

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