Positive Progress Over Scotland Issue

BASC has labelled the public response to the Scottish government’s proposals to license airguns north of the border as a ‘resounding rejection’ after data recently published by the Scottish government’s showed 87 per cent of respondents were against the proposals. Among the reasons stated for the rejection of Holyrood’s proposals were that legislation would be ineffective, costly and act as a barrier to law-abiding citizens enjoying a safe sport and pastime.

Analysis shows 57 per cent of responses came from England and Wales, with 42 per cent from Scotland – proving that airgunners across the UK are passionate about uniting to fight their corner. Interestingly, 19 per cent of responses came via ‘magazine coupons’ like the one carried in April’s Airgun Shooter.

BASC will be attending a meeting of the Scottish government’s petitions committee on 3 September, set up to hear a petition against airgun licensing in Scotland. So far, it’s received over 14,500 signatures.


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