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Airgun Shooter reader Andy Edwards tells us about two of his favourite guns, and why it’s good to take a break from PCPs once in a while.

Here are two of mine. Though I stick to my precharged for hunting, I like to get the older ones out for a plink. It keeps me grounded, and there is something special about the smell of a gun that is older than you are! I would urge anyone to keep at least one open-sighter in their collection.

The lighter-stocked rifle is a Relum ‘Super’ Tornado, meaning it had a brass butt pad and scope mount. The quirks of this model are that the underlever tap opens toward you, not away from you, and they originally came with two concentric springs, long since replaced.

The other is an LP25 break-barrel. They weren’t expensive back in the 60s and 70s (especially if you got one through the catalogue), yet several people have commented on how nice the stocks are.

I am aware there are those that turn their noses up at anything marked ‘made in Hungary’ yet these agricultural workhorses still hit cans at 35 yards every time. I wonder if my PCP will still be going strong in 50 years without major work? I can only hope we both still are!

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