Rifleman reveals New Indoor 100m shooting Range

It has taken Rifleman Firearms just eight months to change a plot of land in Somerset, used for impromptu HFT shoots, into a state-of-the-art 100m fullbore rifle range.

It consists of five lanes with returnable targets, all built to MOD specifications.

Although primarily designed for fullbore use, it makes a great addition to Rifleman’s existing airgun range, and plans are afoot to run air-only competitions so that people can test their rifles and their own ability to hit long-range, turning and potentially moving targets.

Shooting can be done from any position including standing, bench, kneeling and prone, safely separated from the fellow shooters.

Touch controls enable target distances to be set, and scenarios can be programmed for different distances, turning targets and even distractions.

See www.riflemanfirearms.com for more. 

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