Slingshot revealed

N003_Daystate SLINGSHOT1Daystate’s Harper-patented ‘slingshot’ hammer system, as fitted to its latest mechanically-driven Huntsman PCP models, is an ingenious firing mechanism that gives the guns their impressively high shot-count per fill-up.

It cleverly utilises a hammer within a carrier cage to prevent the main valve being ‘bounced’ open after the shot has gone, which would normally waste air – but this innovative design is hidden away inside the action, its operation never to be witnessed.

Until now, that is! Daystate’s R&D technicians have used high-speed cameras on this cutaway breech (above) to film the slingshot hammer working in slow-motion… and the footage they’ve revealed is startling.

Expect to see the film – which will be a little longer than the couple of milliseconds it all takes to happen in reality! – up on Daystate’s website any day soon.

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