SPONSORED: H&N’s Baracuda FT pellets are out now


After extensive testing with shooters around the world, the Baracuda FT Field Target pellets are now available.

The H&N Baracuda FT pellets are .177 calibre, 4.50mm and weigh in at 9.57gr. These pellets follow a strict manufacturing and testing process. After five shots at 50m, each production batch must reach a maximum shot grouping of 12mm centre-to-centre. After 20 shots, the maximum grouping must be 20mm. This is achieved thanks to H&N’s superior level of production consistency and hand sorting with these pellets. They are produced in small batches, with the weight tolerance no more than +/- 0.25%, ensuring each shot is as consistent as possible.

The new H&N Baracuda FT pellets are available in tins of 400, RRP £11.95 per tin. Economically packed in boxes of five tins but can be sold separately. They are sure to quickly become a favourite pellet among FT and HFT shooters.


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