SPONSORED: Pellpax Storm X Deluxe Kit .22

Pellpax’s ultimate pest dispatch rifle kit, the Storm X, combines high power with pin point accuracy and superb build quality to make it exceptionally good at what it does.

The Storm X is designed to be used against all types of garden pest; rats, rabbits, squirrels & pigeons are all easily eliminated by this rifle. The gun is full power, meaning it will shoot .22 pellets with between 11 and 12 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

This makes the Storm very effective with 1 shot power at ranges including 40m+.

The stock of the Storm is made from vaporised beech wood that is stained for a great finish. The textured grips along the gun are also intricately designed and help ensure the rifle is secure when firing.

This kit contains the high power rifle, 3-9×50 scope, scope mounts, screw on silencer, padded gun bag, clip on bipod and a tin of hunting pellets.

Specifications:- Calibre : .22
– Weight : 3.2kg
– Barrel Length : 454mm
– Total Length : 1.190mm

These items were previously available separately for £377.26 but as part of Pellpax’s new year sale we are doing this kit for an unbelievable 229.99.


For more information on this product, check it out at https://www.pellpax.co.uk/airguns/air-rifles/spring-powered-air-rifles/pellpax-storm-x-deluxe-kit-22/24047

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