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A Blast from the past; the Legends MP German rifle from Umarex gives UK shooters the chance to own a piece of history.

The Umarex Legends MP German is a replica model of the 19x9mm Parabellum submachine gun MP40 or “Schmiesser” as it was most commonly referred. The MP40 was compact, fast-firing and simple to produce, rising to popularity with the axis powers during the Second World War.

This model by Umarex replaces the 9x19mm Parabellum with steel 4.5mm BB’s and is powered by 2 x 12g Co2 capsules.

Each pair of capsules will fire the 50-round BB magazine out to 459 fps (<6ft lbs), with a shot count of approx. 200 before re-loading with fresh Co2. The blowback action and single-action trigger adds to the authenticity of the original, and really adds a sense of realism to the fun.

The Umarex Legends MP40 also features a foldable stock as with the original, so can be shot with increased accuracy from the shoulder. The rear sight is adjustable for rapid or more accurate shooting. The barrel is 255 mm in length, with the total length up to either 620 mm with the stock folded, or 830 mm in full length with the stock extended.

The Legends MP40 weighs in at a hefty 3.5 kg, it’s solidly made and built to last through all those fast-fire shots.

The Legends MP German can be found in standard or Legacy Edition “used” look, to give it a more authentic 1940’s appearance.

RRP from £265.

Available from all good gun shops, or visit importer John Rothery Wholesale at www.bisley-uk.com to use their online dealer locator.

For more on the Umarex Legends MP40, visit: https://www.bisley-uk.com/product.php?i=UMLEMPA&c=676

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