SPONSORED: Bisley Airgun Cylinder valve

The new Bisley airgun cylinder valve has been designed and developed to perform both when filling your airgun, as well as re-filling the cylinder it comes fitted to.

Easy-to-use for the Airgunner, and quick and simple to use for the dive shop or other refilling service. The most notable features include:

  • Oversized ergonomic handle with large lugs. Easy to use, even in adverse weather conditions or when wearing gloves.
  • Captive bleed screw that won’t fall out. Always remains attached to the valve.
  • Removable flow restrictor, means air flow to the airgun is kept at a slow and safe level.
  • However, when removed, it means that the large cylinder can be refilled quickly by your local dive shop or other refilling service. They will thank you for it!
  • Easy-to-read display, with additional markers at 180 BAR and 220 BAR specifically for air gunners to identify these key readings quickly and easily.
  • Leak-free finish. There is no additional plating or finish to the brass of the valve itself, which can often chip away and cause leaks when gaps from in the seal between valve and cylinder.
  • Additional protective cover around the gauge, to help protect from knocks and scrapes.

The Bisley Gun Valve is available fitted to 3 litre, 5 litre or 7 litre 300 BAR cylinders with a 5-year test cycle. Each setup includes microbore hose and fittings.

For further details, just visit https://bisley-uk.com/products.php?c=493

Or visit https://www.subscribepage.com/BCYCAGSNEWS

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