Are you looking for a highly accurate, hard hitting medium weight pellet in .22 cal.? An extremely versatile and consistent pellet? Clean, with tight tolerances in weight and diameter? Your answer is the new H&N Baracuda 18. 

For more information, just visit: https://www.hn-sport.de/en/air-gun-hunting/baracuda-22

Jörg Siemens, Head of Sales & Marketing at H&N, explains the new pellet’s purpose:  “Our goal was to launch a new high-end all-purpose pellet with complete consistency and excellent accuracy at longer distances. A pellet that’s perfect for target shooting, hunting and pest control in sub-12ftlb air rifles.” 

The chosen weight of 18.13 gr / 1.175 g is right in the middle of the well-known H&N Baracuda Match and H&N Field Target Trophy, offering excellent accuracy whilst maintaining high energy along the journey to pack a punch.

Jörg adds: “The weight tolerances are reduced to a maximum of +/- 0.25%. After production each lot is tested at our 50 m indoor range using an advanced electronic assessment system. Our requirements are very strict: After 5 shots at 50 m each lot has to reach a shot grouping of max. 14 mm, and after 20 shots of max. 21 mm (C-T-C).”

The new H&N Baracuda 18 pellets are available in the common head-size 5.52mm and are packed in secure screw-on tins of 200. They are in the traditional diabolo shape with domed head, the length of each pellet means it sits comfortably in any magazine or directly fed into any barrel.

Jörg is confident about our new premium pellet: “I am pretty sure that the Baracuda 18 will quickly become a favourite pellet among UK shooters and hunters.”

The H&N Baracuda 18 pellets are available now from your local retailer. RRP £5.95 per tin of 200.

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