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N004_MTAS Brocock TAC1It may be over a decade since Brocock’s air cartridge guns were put onto a time-limited Section One ticket… but licensed shooters can still buy ‘loads’ courtesy of Michael Tawn Airgun Supplies.

MTAS Tandem Air Cartridges (TACs) feature an additional return spring to help ‘ready’ the sealing spool for the next charge – a design which also gives them extra power that’s the equivalent to an added stroke of the manual ‘Slim Jim’ pump (or 0.25ft/lb).

Brass versions cost £32 for six, with stainless steel TACs – more practical than brass in gun models with an extractor claw – coming in at £49. And you can also buy just the nose cones by the dozen – £12 for brass and £14 for stainless.

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