Streamlight Macrostream review

You may not use a torch like the Streamlight Macrostream every day, but you’ll be glad it’s close to hand whenever the need arises.

Streamlight Macrostream

Measuring just 11.4cm (4.5″) long, the Macrostream USB Everyday Carry Flashlight from Pennsylvania-based Streamlight fits comfortably in the palm of your hand or pocket, and with a highest setting of 500 lumens provides a huge level of performance for its size.

But what is everyday carry, or EDC? This simply means a collection of useful items that someone carries on their person every day. These items fulfil two roles: being useful and letting the owner be prepared for some unforeseen eventuality.

An EDC torch like the Macrostream can prove invaluable to the airgun shooter, whether they’ve forgotten to take their main light with them when hunting, or want to check the breech is clear at a poorly lit firing point at their club.

In 500-lumen High mode the £69 Macrostream has a 90m beam and runs for two hours, while Low mode, which offers 50 lumens and projects a 30m beam, has a run time of eight hours, and the lithium ion battery can be charged in situ in only four hours.

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