Talking shop: Enfield Sports

Enfield Sports started off supplying the trade, but is now a shooting superstore that’s open seven days a week. We talk to sales manager Tye Forde

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How did you get started and why?

Enfield Sports was started to cater for the trade and wholesale, but after feedback from the general public around the West Midlands we decided to open a retail outlet. The idea was to create a USA-style shooting superstore that is open seven days a week and a late night closing on a Thursday.

What trends are you seeing in the airgun market?

The trade sector is becoming more difficult due to all the negativity caused by the media. With the pound’s poor exchange rate, prices are becoming more expensive, so as a wholesaler we are doing our best to get the very best prices to offer the trade and our retail customers.

Where do you see the market going?

I’d like to see new designs and styles and more advancement in engineering. I believe the British market is still lacking in style and design compared to other countries. We are still using the same methods and techniques and designs recreating new models, but still the same base models. I would like to see more passion and risk-taking by several manufacturers.

What types of airguns generate the most interest?

I find vintage airguns generate more interest like old Webleys, BSAs and Lincoln Jeffries. In my own opinion I believe old Webleys to be the best airguns ever made. Customers tend to buy rifles at the moment mainly with issues such as pest control of rabbits and rats. During the hotter months we see a rise in pistols as customers want to get outside and do some plinking in their back garden.

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