Talking shop: Keen’s Guns

Manager David Keen has worked at the shop for more than 30 years, and has seen it grow into one of the top hunting and fishing shops in Wales

How did you get started and why?

The business started in 1978 selling mostly fishing tackle out of a garage, together with a few guns. I started working here 34 years ago. As I used to shoot, I was keen to expand our range of shooting products we sold, and now we have two shops providing fishing and shooting supplies.

Did you specialise in a particular area of the market?

We specialise in the hunting market, providing rifles, ammo, clothing and accessories. We also provide dog and ferreting products like decoys, traps and nets. We do stock a range of field target rifles, and have seen a rapid rise in the number of customers purchasing guns for target shooting.

What trends are you currently seeing?

PCP rifles now outsell spring rifles, especially since the entry price for a PCP has dropped in the last couple of years. We are seeing a rise in the sales of bullpups and military-style air rifles like the FX Impact. We’ve also noticed a considerable drop in the sale of lamping equipment as people have moved over to night vision scopes, spotters and add-ons.

What advice do you give customers buying their first air rifle?

Study Airgun Shooter magazine and check out reviews. Then pop into our store and handle the rifles on your shortlist to make sure the fit and handling is right for you. Finally, set a reasonable budget to cover the rifle, scope and any accessories you might need.

Keens Tackle & Guns
117/119 Bridgend Road
CF32 9AP
Tel: 01656 722448

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