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Theoben lives on through quality manufacturing from the Rapid Air Weapons (RAW) factory in the USA – that’s the big news for owners of Theoben rifles, whose attention we draw to the website.

The site states that the former affiliation of UK-based Theoben Ltd (which ceased trading in 2012) and US-based Rapid Air Weapons LLC – companies which were actually under common ownership – has effectively allowed the rebirth of Theoben across the other side of the pond, albeit with the emphasis on the PCP side of the operation.

102_Theoben Rapid Mk2web

Information on the website also claims that RAW were the manufacturer of regulators, hammers, valves, triggers, magazines and many other components used in Theoben rifles that the Cambridgeshire gunmaker supplied during the last three years of production, and confirms: “Given the high quality machinery RAW operates, we were able to introduce improvements to the components being supplied to Theoben Ltd, and these changes have been incorporated into the building of Theoben rifles from the USA.”

Former Theoben Ltd MD and owner of Rapid Air Weapons, Martin Rutterford, is supervising production and quality control of the USA-based Theoben operation, and has told Airgun Shooter that RAW will be “using his knowledge, experience and determination to produce a range of air rifles that the discerning airgunner once again aspires to.”

We understand that Martin is not looking for a UK distributor for his Theoben parts and rifles, rather a few key retail outlets, but anyone wishing to find out more should email Martin at

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  1. Sergio l v. says:

    Mr. Quality guns . My hobbie is hunting and i live in yuma az. I would like to know were is the nearest distributor of my citty to get an HM 1000 .25 cal.

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