Want a ten-x? Try the Tenex

Eley Tenex Air pellets are a flathead design firmly aimed at high-level competition target shooters – and have already been delivering some world-class results.

Eley gave prototype pellets to three elite shooters at the European Championships in Hungary and the ISSF World Cup in Mexico. The pellets turned out to be a huge success, coming away with four medals and a new world record.

The pellets are available in .177 calibre in three head sizes, 4.49mm, 4.50mm and 4.51mm, and weigh 8.2 grains. Eley says the key to their consistency is in the materials selected, the manufacturing techniques employed, and the analysis and selection processes used to maintain strict standards.

For more details contact Eley Ltd (www.eley.co.uk) on 0121313 4567.

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