Warning over fake BSA magazines

BSA owners are being urged to use only genuine magazines in their rifles, rather than 3D-printed versions which can break apart and cause a jam.

The Birmingham gunmaker said: “It has been brought to our attention that 3D-printed copies of BSA magazines are available to purchase online. We have obtained a quantity of these for testing purposes, and conclude they are inferior to the legitimate version as they often break, causing a blockage inside the gun’s action, sometimes after only a few shots have been discharged.

“BSA recommend that all magazines are purchased directly from a reputable BSA gun and accessories retailer. Any use of 3D magazines and the associated faults in BSA guns will invalidate your gun’s warranty.”

A genuine BSA magazine – as seen in the photo above – features a metal faceplate and a high-impact polymer base, offering smooth operation and flawless function. It also features extra details such as a finger groove in the back plate so you can more easily remove the magazine, and a knurled rotor, which helps you align the chamber to the faceplate when you’re loading in a pellet.

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