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I let my 15-year-old son go hunting with my rifle on a nearby farm. Can he take a friend with him and both shoot my gun? And do either of them need insurance?

The law on this is clear. Young people aged 14 to 17 can borrow an airgun and ammunition, and use it without supervision on private premises where they have permission. However, at this age you cannot buy or hire an airgun or ammunition, or receive one as a gift. Your airgun and ammunition must be bought and looked after by someone over 18 – normally your parent, guardian or some other responsible adult.

Youngsters cannot shoot unsupervised until they are at least 14

Also, you cannot have an airgun in a public place unless you are supervised by somebody aged 21 or over, and you have a reasonable excuse to do so (for example, while on the way to a shooting ground). Insurance is a very good idea – accidents can happen!

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