Q&A: Does a bipod increase accuracy?

Mat Manning is on hand to discuss whether a bipod will make a difference to range and accuracy…

A bipod will improve your accuracy and, with practice, increase your effective hunting range

Q. I’m thinking about buying a bipod to put on my pre-charged airgun. I hope it will increase my hunting range, but will it really make a noticeable difference to accuracy?

A. Fitting your PCP with a bipod should bring a significant improvement to your accuracy. The additional stability will help to reduce tiny wobbles from your body, and it’s likely that your grouping will be tighter from the very outset.

I’d recommend a bipod with extendable legs so you can keep it level on sloping ground. A swivel mechanism is also a very handy feature, providing a degree of tilt to ensure that you always have the vertical crosshair dead upright.

Precision shooting from a bipod still demands good technique, however. There’s no need to use your leading hand to hold the forend because it’s being supported by the bipod. Instead, place your ‘spare’ hand beneath the butt of the gun – this provides additional stability and also enables you to adjust aim by tiny increments by squeezing and rolling your hand.

It’ll take a degree of practice before you’re able to tackle live quarry at longer ranges. The bipod will improve accuracy, but you still need to be able to compensate for the rise and fall of the pellet and the influence of the wind. The key to success is to put in plenty of range time to get to know your combo, ensure that your range-finding is spot-on and, most importantly, know your limitations.

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